Featured in AGENT – exhibition during Stockholm Craft Week


During Stockholm Craft Week 2020, the Swedish Craft Center presents a member exhibition at Bellmansgatan 5 with eight craft artists who in their work relates to function in different ways.
“It is an exciting time for the notions of function and purpose, they are not stable and can be seen in motion around different perspectives. Operating for whom, for what, and why? Function as material, as inspiration, pretext and bearer of tradition shows the amplitude among the members of the Swedish Craft Center and their view on function and what that it is today.”

The selection is made by Auli Laitinen, active as curator and jewelry artist and member of the Arts and Crafts Center for 20 years.

Participating artists
Tora Greve, textil/textile Limham
Lisa Juntunen Roos, textil/textile, Stockholm
Carsten Nilsson, trä/wood, Hammenhög
Ammy Olofsson, glas/glass, Bro
Linda Ottosson, metall/metal, Stockholm
Rikard Palmqvist, keramik/ceramics, Stockholm
Sanna Svedestedt Carboo, smycke/jewellery, Göteborg
Lena Viltok, doudji/sami handicraft, Jokkmokk

Under Stockholm Craft Week 2020 presenterar Konsthantverkscentrum en medlemsutställning på Bellmansgatan 5 med åtta konsthantverkare som i sitt arbete förhåller sig till funktion på skilda sätt. Det är spännande tider för begreppen funktion och syfte, dessa koncept är inte stabila utan befinner sig i rörelse kring olika perspektiv. Fungerar för vem, för vad, i vilket syfte? Materialet, inspirationen och berättelsens funktion för bruksvaror, traditionsbärare och unika verk visar på bredden bland Konsthantverkscentrums medlemmar och på deras syn på vad som kan vara funktion och vad den är idag.

Urvalet är gjort av Auli Laitinen, verksam som curator och smyckekonstnär samt medlem i Konsthantverkscentrum sedan 20 år.

Smyckoteket Rian Design Museum

Sanna Svedestedt Carboo, Wooden Diamond Ring, Photo: IDNAMADI

Glad to have a ring included in Smyckoteket – Rian Design Museum’s library of jewellery, where you can borrow a unique piece of art to wear for a couple of weeks.

Upcoming seminar

Getting ready for a seminar about culture politics with the Swedish Artists’ Association!

The European Triennal for Contemporary Jewellery 2017

 Sanna Svedestedt Carboo
Brooch from the Cameo Series 2017
Reindeer leather 25 x 15 x 3 cm

I am very happy to have been selected among the 15 artists representing Sweden in The European Triennal for Contemporary Jewellery 2017 in Mons, Belgium.

The European Triennal for Contemporary Jewellery, organized by WCC BF (World Crafts Council Belgique francophone), is an internationally recognized event where two European countries are invited to join Belgium at every triennial. This year: France and Sweden. Three commissioners were chosen to select representative works of their respective countries: François Vanderauwera for Belgium; Brune Boyer for France and Sofia Björkman for Sweden.

With support by Iaspis, The Swedish Arts Grants Committeé, I traveled to Belgium to participate in the inauguration of the triennal in October 2017.

Photo: JS Herman. Opening night of the European Triennal for Contemporary Jewellery 2017 in Mons, Belgium.

Photo: JS Herman. Exhibition display, from left work by Agnes Larsson, Sanna Svedestedt Carboo, Jorge Manilla.


Exhibition display


Selected Artists

Clarisse Bruynbroeck, Liesbet Bussche, Isabelle Carpentier, Frédérique Coomans, Clémentine Correzzola,  Bernard François,  Max Gielis,  Jonathan Hens, Lodie Kardouss, Jorge Manilla, Patrick Marchal, Dimitar Stankov, Sébastien Vandekerckhove, Octave Vandeweghe, Eve Wolfs.

Marianne Anselin, Stella Bierrenbach, Babette Boucher, Monika Brugger, Sébastien Carré, Marion Delarue, Marine Dominiczak, Sophie Hanagarth, Florence Lehman, Isabelle Leourier, Marie Masson, Nathalie Perret, Galatée Pestre, Céline Sylvestre, Laurence Verdier.

A5 (Adam Grinovich & Annika Pettersson), Tobias Alm, Lisa Björke, Linnéa Eriksson, Mia Fkih Mabrouk, Catarina Hällzon, Helena Johansson Lindell, Agnieszka Knap, Agnes Larsson, Li Liang, Kajsa Lindberg, Karin Roy Andersson, Jelizaveta Suska, Sanna Svedestedt Carboo, Johanna Tornqvist.

Sanna Svedestedt Carboo. Brooch from the Cameo Series 2017. Reindeer leather 16x10x3 cm


A big thank you to WCC BF, Konsthantverkscentrum and Iaspis, The Swedish Arts Grants Committeé.





Did a project together with artists Karin Roy Andersson, Attai Chen, Åsa Christensson, Hanna Liljenberg and Carina Shoshtary during April 2017 and which we presented at Four.  The exibition was reviewed by Boel Ulfsdotter in Göteborgs Posten.




New acquisition

Very happy to have this brooch aquired by the National Museum in Stockholm!

Ola Salo Wilderness

Jewellery by Hanna Liljenberg, Karin Roy Andersson and me in Cooper & Gorfer’s cover photo for Ola Salo’s Wilderness album

World Art Day

On stage with Katarina Jönsson Norling in conversation with the Swedish Minister of Culture Alice Bah Kunke about artists’s working conditions. In the background, textile work by Kaisa Melanton and of couse I am wearing brooches by Hanna Liljenberg.



Current Obsession Interview

Svede Current Obsession

Svede Current Obsession

Article by Kellie Riggs covering the trend of Artist-run exhibitions with focus on Munich. My partner in crime Karin Roy Andersson and I were interviewed about our past Munich exhibitions (ig)nobel (2013), In the Forest (2012) and A Pieceful Swedish Smörgåsbord (2011). This issue of Current Obsession was released during Schmuck 2014




Contemporary Swedish Art Jewellery

My jewellery featured in the book on Contemporary Swedish Art Jewellery written by Inger Wästberg.