Commission & Projects


Here are a few projects that have pushed my limits and brought me into new arenas.
Do you have a fun idea and feel like collaborating? Send me an email and let’s discuss possibilites


Green Furniture
Sitting sculpture made from recycled material 

The Swedish company Green Furniture designs produces ecodesign for public indoor places. Sometimes they also give left over material to artists to spark new ideas. Jonas Carboo and I were offered the challange to make a piece of sitting art from left over furniture parts. The directions were simple: rock’n’roll, but keep it green.

We were drawn to the very nice curves in the wooden pieces, which reminded us of hills and valleys. We decided to make a hommage to the wonderful scenrery of Jämtland. The final piece was named Kölen, after the montain range that runs between Sweden and Norway. Kölen was first exhibited in the summer exhibition of Byhuset 2013, and the at Åre Östersund Airport during fall & winter 2013-2014.

Ok, let me tell you, one big part of the challange was to make something as big as a sitting sculpture in a jewellery studio. At this point we where a bit scared…

The scrap parts came from three different types of public area furniture.
We decided to make the best use of the nice curves.



Right now Kölen is looking for a new home! Any suggestions on that, let us know:




Ung Cancer
Campain – Kolla Pungen 2013

Ung Cancer is an amazing Swedish organization working to support young people that are dealing with cancer.  In conjuction with Almedalsveckan* 2013 they decorated trees with very realistic “balls” to spread the work about the new campain Kolla Pungen. Kolla Pungen – Check your Balls – raises awarness of testicular cancer and how to do self checks to catch any sign of the decease early on.

I held a workshop teaching the team behind Ung Cancer how to make these special “tree ornaments” from naturally tanned cow skin. Finally the team and volotears made 300 scrotums, really making people turn their heads!

 *Almedalen Week, an annual event in Visby, is an important meeting place for everyone involved in Swedish politics. 

Photo by Ung Cancer



Espresso Gear
SCAE World Cup 2011

In 2011 I collaborated with Espresso Gear, designing and producing trophys for the SCAE World Cup. The SCAE is the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe, and yes, this was a very tasty competion.  The 2011 World Championships in speciality coffee were held in Maastricht, Netherlands.