Karl Apparel


Back in 2012 Jonas Carboo and I had had enough. Why were so few men wearing jewellery? We decieded to explore the jewellery industry focused on men. We collaborated on developing a brand with the mission to encourage men to wear more jewellery. The result was Karl Apparel, a lable that would offer both stylish ready to wear pieces as well as adventourous art jewellery and share facts and triva about things that sparcle.

We achived some goals with the project such as being selected for Fresh Fish fashion Fair 2013, Precious Talents and being published in fashion magazines in Sweden. Not to mention getting in the top ten results when googling herrsmycken. Karl Apparel was a fun learning experience. The lable and webship is currently in resting mode but the website with articles about jewellery is still online here



 Diamond Crush ring, oxidised sterling silver, 230 €

Diamond Crush bracelet, oxidised sterling silver, leather 220 €

Karl Apparel

Ring, bracelet and cuff links from Diamond Crush basic collection.
And a top hat pin, why not?!




Brooches from Diamond Crusch Peacock collection, leather, titanium, silver

Well, see what I mean? My god. Yes, I do love when men wear jewellery.