Silversmith Kerstin Öhlin Lejonklou


Silversmed Kerstin Öhlin Lejonklou

 Photo: Sanna Svedestedt Carboo

“When I look back I realize that metal has always felt right for me. I was captured by the hard material that reluctantly allows you to shape it. I was in control.”

These words are by silversmith Kerstin Öhlin Lejonklou, on the reason why she first started creating jewellery. In 2013 Kerstin Öhlin Lejonklou celebrated 50 years as a silversmith and I had the honour of interviewing Kerstin and transforming her memories and thoughts into an inspiring book.

Kerstin shared stories about both her greatest accomplishments as well as the tough lessons she has learned during her working life. The book is a personal recount of what it was like to leave Stockholm in the 60’s after graduating from Konstfack, moving north and setting up a workshop in Östersund, finding the cube, falling in love, developing a career and becoming a renowned artist. The 110 pages are filled with images of her amazing jewellery in silver, gold and precious stones, as well as snapshots of important memories.



Kerstin Öhlin Lejonklou


Kerstin Öhlin Lejonklou

 Kerstin Öhlin Lejonklou, ring, 18k white gold, diamonds (1963).
In the collection of Goldsmith’s Hall, London

Kerstin Öhlin Lejonklou guldhalsband

Kerstin Öhlin Lejonklou, neckpiece, gold (1966)




Kerstin Öhlin Lejonklou halsband

  Kerstin Öhlin Lejonklou, pendant, gold, diamonds.
Diamonds Today (1991)


Kerstin Öhlin Lejonklou

Kerstin’s father had one great passion – model trains.
“Sometimes on Sundays we got to ride the train. I am sitting in the back, perhaps I was 5 years old?

Kerstin Öhlin Lejonklou brosch

 Kerstin Öhlin Lejonklou, brooch “Far & Flyg”, oxidized silver, brass mechanics from model train (1998)


Kerstin Öhlin Lejonklou brosch 1998

 Kerstin Öhlin Lejonklou, brooch, oxidized silver, gold, manometer from model train (1998)


Kerstin Öhlin Lejonklou brosch 2000

  Kerstin Öhlin Lejonklou, brooch “Far & Flyg”, gold, oxidized silver, yellow diamonds (2000)


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115 pages, hard cover, 26 x 24.5 cm

Text in Swedish with English summary,

Written by: Sanna Svedestedt Carboo
Foreword by Cilla Robach
Graphic Design: Gudrun Ros
English summary: Bella Daniels Carlsson

Published by Arvinius Förlag, 2013
ISBN: 978-91-85689-70-5
Editor: Frida Brismar Pålsson