Diagonal Art Projects

Karin Roy Andersson and I have been collaborating under the name Diagonal Art Projects since 2010.
We organize art projects and curate exhibions with the mission to promote contemporary art jewellery.

Here are some of our favorite projects so far:


Foto: Jelizaveveta Suska

2017 Lecture at Konstfack, Stockholm
We were invited by Konstfack to make a lecture about collaborations and how to survive as contemporary jeweller. We talked about our adventures in the jewellery world and the discoveries and conclusions we have made by collaborating in different creative projects.

2016 lecture during JOYA, Barcelona
Joya is a jewellery art fair taking place every year. Around this arrangement there is a lot of other events connected to jewellery art – lectures, satellite exhibitions and meetings. The  theme for the conference 2016 was how contemporary jewellery is organized and presented, and we spoke about our work with promoting contemporary jewellery though different projects.




Exhibition Jewels from the 21st Century at Hallwylska Museet, Stockholm 11 – 20 March 2016
Concept by Karin Roy Andersson & Sanna Svedestedt Carboo


Presentation image for the exhibition at Hallwylska Museet, Stockholm
Photo by Diagonal Art Projects

Exhibition view


Participating artists: Kerstin Öhlin Lejonklou, Sofia Björkman, Karin Johansson, Åsa Christensson, Karin Roy Andersson, Sanna Svedestedt Carboo.





Alkemisterna / the Alchemists – is our idea for a tv-show about art jewellery. We made a pilot episode to present the subject and the topics we would like the future tv-show to highlight. The purpose of the tv-show would be to increase the interest for craft and contemporary jewellery. See the pilot episode and read more here

Alkemisterna is a project supported by Konstnärsnämnden – the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.


PLAY FOR DISPLAY 2013 during GIBCA Extended

The exhibition Play for Display
was presented in conjunction with the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art, GIBCA as a part of the satellite program GIBCA Extended. Play for Display started as an open call where jewellery artists could apply with images of their work and a description of the emotions or reactions they expected the wearer to experience when wearing their piece. Over 90 international artists applied and finally jewellery by 24 artists from 13 countries was selected and presented at Four during September 2013.

With the project Play for Display we wanted to engage the audience with jewellery. We encouraged the visitors to try on the jewellery and experience it’s character. We invited the visitors to get close to the pieces – to touch them, try them on – to get to know them. This way we made the visitors truly experience the techniques, materials and the ideas behind the artwork.


Exhibition display, Four gallery 2013

 Neckpiece by Emelie Westerlund


THE DYNAMITE PRIZE 2010 – ongoing

In 2010 we founded our own award – The Dynamite Prize.
Since then the prize has been awarded annually to intelligent, creative and innovative jewellers. Read more here


In 2011 we invited nine female artists to participate in the art project A Pieceful Swedish Smörgåsbord. We asked the artists to express their personal thoughts about the state of the Swedish society through the medium of art jewellery. A Pieceful Swedish Smörgåsbord was first presented as a satellite exhibition during Schmuck 2011 in Munich, Germany and in conjunction with Umeå Jazz Festival in Sweden 2011.

The exhibition was reviewed by Timothy McMahon on Crafthaus.